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Spring Forward to Organize Your Life

Does it seem as though there just isn’t enough time in the day?  We get up and by the time we look around it is time to collapse and get ready for another day. Here’s an idea that might make your life a bit easier.  I do it and it takes some work but feels […]


Do you stand in front of your closet and look at items that you know in your heart that you will never wear? If you are like most women, you probably have several (dozen) items that you bought because you LOVED them, but to this day, even though you’ve tried them on a few (hundred) […]

Building A Versatile Wardrobe

Have you seen the September issue of Vogue? Besides weighing in at about 5 pounds, how many of those items do you really see as becoming a part of your day to day wardrobe? So rather than loading your closet down with hundreds of items (come on girls we all do that) that you can […]