Renew and Revitalize

It’s a new year and a time when people in general, and women in particular, take a good look at themselves and what they want to accomplish.  We start diets and we commit to a gym.  We want to do an overhaul of ourselves and be a better healthier person.  Many of us are also stuck in a rut.  We’ve had the same hairstyle for years.  We are wearing the same makeup style (or no makeup style) that worked for us a decade ago.  We found a fashion style in our early 20s that worked for us, and have kept that style going for years – if not decades.

It’s a comfort factor and, also, to be honest, change is hard to make.  I know when I look in the mirror what I believe I see is my unlined 20 something face, and not the “I’ve Lived” face that the world is seeing.  And I’m not the only one.  Being 100% honest with yourself is not easy and personally, I think 70-80% is just fine.  There are some easy steps to take, ones that are not as serious as going under the knife, but things that will be allow you to take a fresh look at yourself and to help you be the best you today.

Take some time to treat yourself.  Go to Sephora and ask them to show you some basic things that will emphasize your best features.  Ask your salon the next time you are there for some ideas of how you can update your hair style or color to bring attention to your eyes, your cheekbones.  When you go into a store, find a consultant who will take a good look at you and see what will best work with your body type.  Be open to some suggestions and if they work for you and you feel great, go for it. Try one new thing.  Something as simple as a new lipstick can make you feel amazing.

At our store, we encourage people to try on something that they thought they could never wear.  We’ve shown women how to embrace their curves, or to camouflage something that makes them uncomfortable.  There’s never an obligation to buy and we pride ourselves that our stylists are honest with what could work for you.  Feeling good about yourself is empowering.  It carries over into everything that we do.  Please remember in this New Year to include yourself on the list of those you need to take care of.


Eileen Potrock, a former stylist for TV and Film, is the owner of E Designer Resale in Cliffside Park, which offers free, no obligation styling services and carries the best immaculate upscale preloved designer clothing and accessories at the BEST prices for women of all ages.  720 Anderson Avenue, Cliffside Park, NJ  201.943.3401