Building A Versatile Wardrobe

Have you seen the September issue of Vogue? Besides weighing in at about 5 pounds, how many of those items do you really see as becoming a part of your day to day wardrobe? So rather than loading your closet down with hundreds of items (come on girls we all do that) that you can wear once or better yet, never wear and leave hanging with the tags on, why don’t we just tackle what you can do to build a versatile wardrobe.

Let’s start with the basics. Getting foundation items that really fit you will make every item you put on fit and look better. Go into one of the many department or specialty stores and have them measure you. Bra sizes change over the years and some of us are not quite as tight as we were in our teens and 20s. Getting the right bra that lifts and smooths (no matter what cup size you are) will be one of the best investments you can make. Same with foundation items. There are many new types which offer smoothing and comfort and no visible panty line.

Now let’s talk clothes. A great fitting pair of black slacks, jeans and the perfect pencil skirt are great items to build a wardrobe. Find a great fit with quality material. Do not skimp on getting the right fit as that poly skirt you saw for $40 will not fit or last as well as a fine wool gabardine.

The perfect white shirt – either a crisp cotton or a fine silk will also help to complete your look. If it is a button down, make sure there are no gaps and please look at your back. You don’t want to see rolls or your bra line showing through.

A great dress is always in style. Pick out a few styles that you like and try them on. You will find a style that works best for your body type – be it a shirtdress or sheath. This is a place that you can go solid or print but make sure that it doesn’t overwhelm you. You want people to see you shine, and not be distracted by what you are wearing.

And of course, in the Fall/Winter, a great finishing piece is a great fitting blazer – wool or leather. Find the fit which works best with you, cropped, mid-length or boyfriend.

Adding a few sweaters and some shoes/boots, the perfect winter coat and down jacket and you are done. You can always add some sparkle and color with a few jewelry pieces and scarves, but most of all make sure that you shine with everything you wear.

One last thought. Find a great tailor. Having something that fits right will not only make you look put together but will also make you feel great.

At eDesigner Resale, we take time with our customers, offering them free styling services and help them to build their wardrobes to feel great about themselves. We carry high end designer clothing and accessories at great prices. So, if you need to make some room in your closet, call us to make an appointment to consign. And if you need help in creating your style, come on in. We look forward to making you look and feel like a million.