It’s the first of August and yet when you look at the stores, there are no summer items left in stock. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t care to try on cashmere sweaters and wool pants when it is hovering about 90 degrees. Most of the better department stores have ended their summer sales, so if you are even thinking about a refresher, you are out of luck. Even the discounters (think TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack) are showing Fall items.

Why do retailers feel that they have to push the seasons? Most people do not buy their wardrobes months in advance. Of course, those who attend the shows order their items early, but that’s the 1%, not the rest of us folks. As a former stylist to TV and Film I always used to wonder why, when I needed something for in-season, it was tough to find.

At E Designer Resale, we look at things differently. If someone comes into our store they want to find something that they can wear soon. We stock things in season and keep them for the season. It’s not that we don’t love to look at what is coming, but why rush your life when you don’t have to.