Holiday Dilemmas

It seems like the holidays come sooner each year.  Just when we are done with summer and settling into fall, it’s time to think about family, parties and, of course, New Years.

So with that we face several issues.  First – how to dress appropriately for the events we are attending, without depleting our bank account (after all we need some money for gifts for our loved ones).  Next is how to take what we might already own and make it look fresh.  And lastly, if we are shopping for something new, what option will work best for us.

Take a look in your closet and see if there is something that you feel wonderful in.  A great dress or pants/top can be accessorized to look new and different for different occasions.  If you do decide that you need something fresh, try your favorite store to find that one outfit that you can use for different looks if you dress it up with a great scarf, necklace, sweater or other accessory.  For women, a good choice would be a neutral color dress (black, gray, ivory) to which you can add a wonderful necklace, scarf, pin or jacket.  Even shoes or a great handbag can make or break an outfit.  If you want to make it versatile, stay with a solid color.

A trend this season is a wide pant, and that is a great choice if you are on the taller side.  This gives you the option of using different tops to make it more subdued or dressy.  Metallic colors are always a great choice for holiday parties and New Years.  And velvet is luxurious.  Fur – faux or real – can also add a touch of luxury.

Most of all – wear what makes you feel wonderful or special.  Don’t worry about the trends.  If you feel great you will walk in more confidently and that is the best accessory of all.

At eDesigner Resale we take pride in working with our customers to ensure that they look amazing in anything they buy from us.  Our styling team works with you to help you complete your own personal look from head to toe.  Styling services are available at no cost and there is never an obligation to buy.