It’s been a really strange winter and we are now officially going into Spring.  The time of birds singing and flowers blooming.  It’s time to shed our heavy coats and wool sweaters and look forward to the promise of warmer weather.

Before you do that, make sure that you insure that your loved winter items are put into an environment where you can pull them out ready to wear when it’s time.  Make sure your sweaters are freshly cleaned before you put them into storage.  The last thing you want to see when you pull out your sweaters next fall is one or more full of moth holes.  Sweaters that have been worn and not cleaned properly before they are stored are like candy for moths.  If you are going to store your winter clothing, make sure you put it away in bags that can be sealed shut.  If you have fur coats, it’s always wise to store them professionally to insure that the skins do not dry out and that you have that beautiful fur to wear for seasons to come.  Same with cashmere and wool coats.  And you could also go the old-fashioned route with moth balls or some other deterent.

But enough of winter.  Let’s talk about Spring.  This season is all about color.  Designers are literally putting their hearts on their sleeves.  We are talking about the trend that Gucci started with patches and emblems on items.  Fuchsia and bright yellow are both big colors as well.  And – yeah for our feet – kitten heels and block heels are back. 

Confidence and strong lines have ruled the runway.  It’s an 80s throwback with strong shoulders and metallic. 

So how does that translate to the normal woman?  I don’t know about you, but I think that the 80s are best left to the 80s.  But it doesn’t mean that we can’t take a strong silhouette and define it as ours.  A great tailored suit in a non-traditional color.    An interesting scarf or statement bag.  Or my favorite – a great top with a unique design feature.   Ruffles are big as well as cutouts – exposing a bit of shoulder.  And if you really want to bring back the 80s, maybe some vintage jewelry for a punch of gilt. 

Feminine clothing is always timeless.  A well-cut dress which skims your curves will always be perfect for Spring.  Another trend in casual clothing is a sporty look, with baseball type jackets using metallic hues and lace.  Worn with a simple pair of slacks or a slim skirt these can look great without being overdone.  Jumpsuits are a mainstay for spring with a wider leg and more flowy feel.  And a long romantic skirt is always a great choice with a sandal for the warmer weather.

Whatever your choice, make sure it makes you feel good.  Designers have to come up with new ideas and trends each year to keep things fresh, but knowing yourself and what works for you is always the best idea.  If you are ready to try something new, we always invite women into our store for free styling sessions with your clothes or ours.  At eDesigner Resale, our goal is to make you feel like a million with the best in designer fashion at great prices.  Our new spring items are now coming in and we look forward to helping you achieve your fashion goals.